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Easter Chick Macarons

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I made these Chick Macarons for Easter.  I stay about 90% Paleo but found that the occasional treat is really important for my overall “wellness”.  Not feeling deprived keeps me from really going off the edge with eating healthy.  This was my third time making French macarons, but only my 2nd successful time. :)  The recipe I used has a LOT of great description for beginners, plus remember: if they stick to your parchment paper (NOT waxed!) put them in the freezer for a few minutes and they come right off.Image  I used this macaron recipe with this buttercream frosting for the filling (super easy).  I used Wilton paste food coloring.  I used rainbow sprinkles and “flower” sprinkles for the face, plus this edible marker for the eyes. 


On a side-note, I’m calling these “miracle” macarons because I made scrambled eggs with the 2 leftover yolks, plus 2 whole eggs and a splash of almond milk.  Evan (17-mo) LOVED them, and he has been on a 6-month stint of refusing to eat eggs. WIN!


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One thought on “Easter Chick Macarons

  1. Love simple but fun recipes. Thanks for sharing.

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