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It Doesn’t Matter What We Eat?

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My husband is a physician, and yesterday he forwarded me an article from his weekly journal update.  I then opened my daily update from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to find the same article.  The article, newly released by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), is a review of successful weight-loss statistics.  They found that the most powerful indicator of long-term weight loss was not WHAT diet the subjects followed, but how well they adhered to it.  They summarized that there should be less focus on what the “ideal” diet is (low-fat, low-carb, etc), and more focus on adherence: lifestyle changes, exercise habits, portion control, and understanding hunger.  There is a summary of the article here:

I couldn’t agree more that long-term adherence is going to be important for anyone who needs to keep weight off.  However, I don’t think we can extrapolate that to mean that it doesn’t matter what diet people follow.  The researchers themselves even listed “avoiding high-calorie, fatty foods” as one of the important adherence tactics.  Well…isn’t that a diet that could be debated?  Most of us who follow Paleo don’t avoid fat at all….and many lose weight.  And I will say I’ve been able to adhere to Paleo for almost 2 years because I feel good eating this way.  I can assure you people don’t usually feel good on a low-calorie or extremely low-carbohydrate diet.  I really believe the nutrients we use to fuel our body have more importance than simply how they reflect on the scale – and the content of them is important in my option. What do you think?  It doesn’t matter what we eat as long as we find a way to lose weight and stick with it forever?  Or there is an ideal diet? 

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One thought on “It Doesn’t Matter What We Eat?

  1. I have to think it is also about balance. balance of food groups, and balance of mind understanding what your body needs. What works for some really just doesn’t work for others so there for we have to find what is right for us. As for some food fads; too much of some things are bad for you just as too little of some things are bad for you. There is no ‘fit all’ answer. Strive for the right things for you and your body with a pinch of common sense thrown in.

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